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Why choose an unusual accommodation in Belgium?

The advantages of an unusual accommodation are numerous. Indeed, there are advantages for any type of profile.

A change of scenery

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Go on adventure

Most of our accommodations are secluded enough in the wilderness to allow you a total disconnection from the outside world. A sense of adventure and travel awaits you.

Living differently

You will be able to sleep in the middle of nature, in atypical lodgings, but you will also be able to take advantage of this moment to make walks in forests or to make activities which you do not have the habit of making.

Find yourself

During your stay, you will only be with each other, whether as a couple or with friends. The bonds that you will create during this moment, will be strong bonds that will unite you for a long time.

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Frequently asked questions about unusual accommodation

How much does an unusual accommodation cost on average?
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What are the cheapest accommodations?
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What is the best season to enjoy an unusual accommodation?
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Do you have any unusual accommodation with Spa and/or Jacuzzi?
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How far in advance should I book an unusual accommodation?
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What types of unusual accommodation are available?
On our site, we offer many types of unusual accommodation:
Castle, Tiny House, Hanging Cabin, Original Villa, Cabin, Cottage, Yurt, Trailer, Dome, Ecolodge, Pilotis, Mill, Barge, Hobbit House, Hut, Barn, Cottages, Lodge, Nests, Bed and Breakfast or even Caves.
How to choose an unusual accommodation in Belgium?
There are a lot of questions to consider when looking for an unusual accommodation.

The first is to know how much you want to leave. Indeed, many unusual accommodations are made mainly for couples, but there are many others where you can stay with family or friends. And if you want to take your pet with you or not.

A second criterion will of course be the destination. If you want to stay close to home or if you want to travel through Belgium for a change of scenery, this is quite possible. The Belgian territory is full of unusual accommodation. In all, there are more than 500 of them.
But if you want to do activities on the spot, you will also have to look according to the activities so as not to be too far from your accommodation, unless you have a crush ❤️.

Thirdly, also comes the criteria of the type of accommodation of course. Some people will prefer to spend a stay in a cabin perched in the trees, others will prefer to be on the edge of a lake in a tiny house or even in a bungalow or a barge directly on the water.

And finally, you will have to define the duration of your stay in the unusual accommodation. Whether it is for one night or for a whole weekend.

To help you in your quest for the perfect unusual accommodation in Belgium, we have created a small tool that you can find right here.
What are the best unusual accommodations?
The best accommodation you can take for an unusual stay is the one that best suits you.
That's why we decided to create a little tool to find the right accommodation for a romantic or family getaway.

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